Philadelphia Fury to Refrain From Play for Balance of NISA Showcase

Sep 18, 2019

It has been determined by the National Independent Soccer Association that its member club, the Philadelphia Fury, will refrain from play for the balance of the NISA Showcase. The club will be temporarily suspended from this fall due to a reversal from one of their main investors. At times, the league is tasked with difficult decisions to weigh short term pain vs. long term benefit. This is the best decision for the Philadelphia Fury, and the league, as it will allow them time to prepare for Spring league play. The League Office is working closely with the Fury's Management Team on all player-related contractual obligations. NISA’s leadership will also be working with the club to address shortcomings to resume competition for the Spring 2020 season.

As a result, a summary of the effects on the competition include:

  • Updated NISA Showcase schedule.
  • All matches involving the Philadelphia Fury are cancelled, with technical forfeit.
  • Eastern Conference competition technically remains 3H and 3A but for practical purposes becomes 2H and 2A per club in conjunction with an offset by forfeits. Each club will receive 3 points per each match against Philadelphia that they missed, with a +3 goal differential. Miami's result against Philadelphia stands with a +7 goal differential.
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